Welcome to
Gem Family Medicine!

You are ready to feel better. We are here to help. Gem Family Medicine is currently accepting new patients and we are excited at the opportunity to assist you and your family with all your health care needs. Call now at (208) 369-4340 to set up an appointment! 

You must establish care at our new clinic before receiving treatments, referrals, medication refills, etc. In addition, your medical records do not automatically transfer with physicians to a new facility. Because of these factors, plan ahead! Even if you have previously seen one of our providers at a different clinic, you will still need to establish care by scheduling a “New Patient Visit” at Gem Family Medicine. Click here to learn about the different¬†types of appointments we offer and when you should schedule them at Gem Family Medicine.

We are currently not accepting new Medicare or Medicare Advantage patients. Non-established patients with Medicare can still be seen for same-day immediate care appointments for acute illness or injury without establishing with Gem Family Medicine as their Primary Care Provider.

New Patient Forms

Although not required, it may be helpful to have a few forms filled out before your first visit:

To save time, you can print off and fill out these forms at your convenience. There are several options to return the forms to us:

Bring the forms to us at your first “New Patient Visit”

Email the forms to us at [email protected]

Mail the forms to Gem Family Medicine, 2020 S. Johns Ave, Suite B, Emmett, ID 83617

Drop the forms off at our clinic before your “New Patient Visit” while you are out running errands

What to know before your first visit

At your first visit to establish care, please show up a few minutes early and bring a copy of your health insurance card, photo I.D. , and a list of any medications and doses that you may take. We will also have a CONSENT TO TREAT form ready for you to sign at the front desk.

Your medical records do not automatically transfer with you when you establish care at a new clinic. Only patients can request for their personal private medical records to be sent to a new facility. Because of this, you must fill out an AUTHORIZATION TO RELEASE MEDICAL INFORMATION form for each clinic or specialist that keeps a medical file for you, which Gem Family Medicine can fax over on your behalf.

Because insurance approvals change, sometimes quickly, please confirm coverage with your insurance company and verify that our clinic is in network before your first appointment. You can find a list of the most common insurance providers we accept here: https://gemfamilymedicine.com/insurance/.

If you have Idaho Medicaid, you will need to assign GEM FAMILY MEDICINE as your new Healthy Connections Provider prior to your first appointment. You can do this by calling Healthy Connections at (888)528-5861 or by visiting their website at https://healthandwelfare.idaho.gov/clinics and searching for GEM FAMILY MEDICINE.

We are so honored to be trusted with your health care. We look forward to getting to know you better at your first visit with us!