Same Day Appointments with Jake Michelsen, PA

Sometimes the inevitable happens. You break out in a rash. Your kid takes a big fall. You just don’t feel well. Sometimes you can’t wait to see your primary care physician. Now you can schedule a Same Day Appointment with our new provider Jake Michelsen for minor illnesses and injuries that need care right away.

Jake Michelsen has joined our team full-time to offer Same Day appointments and work in tandem with our other primary care providers.  Jake will coordinate with your physician for the best approach to your health and follow up with your physician after your Same Day visit is over. 

For your convenience, you can now schedule Same Day Appointments through your Patient Portal or by clicking on the button below!

When do I need a Same Day Appointment?

Our Same Day Appointments are for times when you have an unexpected illness or injury that does not require emergency room care. It would be appropriate to schedule a Same Day Appointment for conditions such as:

Same Day Appointments should not be used for medication refills for chronic conditions, chronic pain, missed appointments, well-child exams, annual exams, second opinions or treatment of chronic conditions. If you need to be seen for these types of visits, please call our office to schedule an appointment with your primary care provider. Same Day Appointments are scheduled until capacity is reached. Due to the variability of patient demand, the last patient of the day will be accepted 30 minutes before the closing time, or earlier if volume requires.

Same Day Appointments are not a substitute for the emergency room. If your condition is severe or life-threatening, call 911 or seek emergency medical attention.

Do I need to be a patient to schedule a Same Day Appointment?

We know when you are feeling under the weather, you need to be seen right away! We understand that sometimes your acute care options can be limited, and so we offer Same Day Appointments to new and existing patients of Gem Family Medicine for both commercial/private insurance and cash-pay.

If you are an Idaho Medicaid patient, you are assigned a Healthy Connections clinic for all of your healthcare needs. If you do not have Gem Family Medicine assigned as your Healthy Connections Provider, we will need a referral from your assigned Primary Care Provider before scheduling a Same Day Appointment with Gem Family Medicine. Please reach out to your assigned Primary Care Provider for an acute visit referral prior to scheduling a Same Day Appointment with us. If you are interested in changing your assigned Healthy Connections provider to Gem Family Medicine, you can do this by calling Healthy Connections at (888)528-5861 or by visiting their website at https://healthandwelfare.idaho.gov/clinics and searching for GEM FAMILY MEDICINE.

You can learn more information on establishing care at Gem Family Medicine by visiting our New Patient page.