Types of Appointments

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Scheduling appointments can be confusing! There are many different types, and sometimes its difficult to know which one you should request when calling to schedule a visit. Below is a handy breakdown for each of the most common types of appointments we offer at Gem Family Medicine.

Types of Patient Visits:

SAME DAY APPOINTMENT: This type of appointment is for a acute symptom or minor emergency that you feel needs to be evaluated as soon as possible. For example, you would schedule a Same Day Appointment if you started to have pain while urinating or a worsening sore throat. Our provider Jake Mickelsen, PA sees most of our Same Day Appointments and will coordinate your care and follow up with our other primary care providers after your visit. You can now schedule your Same Day Appointment online or through your Patient Portal.

NEW PATIENT VISIT: This type of appointment is for your first visit with one of our providers after switching to Gem Family Medicine from a different facility. It is designed to include a thorough review of your past medical history, and may include blood work or other testing, if indicated. New Patient Visits are used to “establish care” at a new clinic, and are required before you can receive any referrals, treatments, medication refills, etc. This also ensures we have all your vital health information before making important medical decisions on your behalf. Click here to learn more about New Patient Visits.

ANNUAL PHYSICIAL EXAM: This examination is typically done yearly and is a time to provide routine preventive care. During your visit, your provider may review your overall health (including lifestyle risk factors, such as exercise and diet) and order any age-specific screening tests (such cancer screening or depression screening) and immunizations you may need. The goal is to identify risk factors or early signs and symptoms of chronic diseases, and counsel you on how you can reduce your risk and improve your overall health. Blood work may or may not be part of this visit, based on your individual state of health and your risk factors. Check with your insurance provider, as annual exams are often covered.

MEDICARE ANNUAL WELLNESS VISIT: The purpose of this visit is to develop or update a personalized prevention help plan to prevent disease and disability based on your current health and risk factors. Your provider will review your medical history, prescriptions, routine measurements (such a blood pressure and weight), and risk factors. Medicare also covers a variety of other preventive screenings and services as outlined here: www.medicare.gov/coverage/preventive-and-screening-services.html. Because this wellness visit is centered around an annual review of your overall health, you may need to schedule a separate office visit to address other chronic or urgent medical conditions you may be experiencing.

NON-URGENT OFFICE VISIT: This type of appointment is for a new health problem that is not urgent. For example, you might schedule an office visit if you developed chronic knee pain or rash that has persisted over several weeks. This is a great time to discuss a health concern you have outside of an annual visit, which is designed primarily for preventative care. These appointments may be booked several days or weeks out, depending on severity and availability. If you are having multiple health issues, you may be asked to make a separate appointment for each one.